Freelance Estimator

As a Freelance Estimator our services are designed to help clients secure the right project for the correct value by using “Conquest Estimating” software to formulated detailed estimates.  We are able to provide Project Construction work programmes (Microsoft Project Based) based on the tender information.  We are able to accurately assess labour requirements and convert the information into working project programmes  Willow Estimating tend to work for clients on a one off project basis as required, which may be a single project or several projects.

The preparation and presentation of Construction Estimates and tenders for clients is our core business.

For the larger established contractors, Willow Estimating are able to assist the client’s existing teams when problems of too many tenders requiring attention arise, especially during staff holidays or staff sickness, or when staff experience is found not to be within the type of work to be tendered.

We are all well versed in the Estimating procedures adopted by main stream contractors, and we are able to price out traditional Bills Of Quantities, which we can convert into electronic format from paper copies issued by clients. We tend to specialise in producing Bills of Quantities and pricing same for Design & Build tenders, and are capable of producing extensive budget Cost plans for Building Projects or PFI Schemes.

For smaller companies in the early stages of growth, Willow Estimating are able to offer the experience of large main stream contracting systems tailored to the client’s requirements, and provide the experience in tendering and Project management that may not be available currently to a contractor in house.

As a freelance estimator we are able to assist the smaller builder in all operations of Estimating and Project Management and assist in the company’s growth based on our wealth of management experience. We are able to provide assistance in the event of most contractual problems if so required.

Download a copy of our Estimating Process (PDF)

Download a copy of our Sample Tender Breakdown (PDF)